Guitars & Basses

Make your dream come true

In our workshop we manufacture two categories of handmade electric guitars and basses.

Custom and include the models:

  • Apollo
  • Dolphin
  • JMO

Master and include the models:

  • Black Rock
  • Black Rock semi Hollow ''Twin'' (Austin Hanks signature)
  • Morpheus (Miguel Montalban signature)
  • Mountain Caster ( Eric Gales signature)
  • Zeus 4&5 String Bass guitar prototype design
  • Goat (Jimmy Rokko signature) prototype design
  • JL (Lisa Perry signature) prototype design
  • Exotic

For our musical instruments we cooperate with companies such as Gotoh, Wilkinson, Pewter Hardware guitar parts, Schaller, HALON, Hailwood Parts and Babicz. All colors and varnishes are from the australian specialist Pylon.