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Custom Build

From 2021 Olympus guitars provide a more economical range for its customers without this meaning that we drop the quality of construction. It's a clear decision to attract more Guitarists and Bassists out there. Despite the competition out there in recent years, we are closely following the developments and we believe that this category "Custom" exceeds with great differences the limits of our financially handmade proposal.

Base Price: $3,500 Aud

Master Build

Olympus Masterbuilt guitars are made in the small industry , of the Botany in NSW Australia . From start to finish, the guitars are assembled by one person. Masterbuilder Johnny Prapas who have some very extensive training and experience under their belts build some of the most famus musical instruments out there. There are currently only 1 of Masterbuilder. So, to put that in perspective – if you buy a Olympus Masterbuilt, your guitar has been made lovingly, start to finish, by one of the best guitar makers .

''The dream and the passion of a craftsman to create an instrument of high-end standards even for the most demanding customers'' Johnny Prapas

Base Price:
$7400 Aud


Prototyping is an experimental process where Olympus design team implement ideas into tangible forms from paper to digital and straight to the wood .The Olympus Team build prototypes of varying degrees of fidelity to capture design concepts and test on users. With prototypes, we can refine and validate our designs so our brand can release the right products.

Base Price : $8,500 Aud

“Olympus Guitars and their creator Johnny Prapas conquer the world”- neoskosmos
“Olympus guitars in the most famous music scenes of the world”- ertnews